Invaders of the Rokujyouma (六畳間の侵略者!? Rokujōma no Shinryakusha!?) is a light novel series by Takehaya with illustrations by Poco that started in 2009.


This comedy is starring Koutaro Satomi, a boy will start living on their own to start school. Luckily, he found a tiny apartment (6 tatami mats) in the Corona House for just ¥5,000 yen a month (about $ 50 dollars). However, after he moved into room 106 in the Corona complex, some unexpected "roommates" began appearing one by one! Thus, the quirky boy new life will begin in the "battlefield 6 tatami".


Light novel

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Takehaya launched the light novel series with illustrations by Poco in 2009. As of July 2017 the series has published 28 volumes. It is published by Hobby Japan under the HJ Bunko label. Starting June 2017 the online publisher J-Novel Club have licensed the light novel for an English release.


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An 12-episode anime television series adaptation by Silver Link and directed by Shin Ōnuma aired between July 11, 2014 and September 26, 2014. The anime has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks for North America.


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A manga adaptation with art by Tomosane Ariike is serialized in Hobby Japan's online manga magazine Comic Dangan. It currently has 4 tankobon released.