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Cultural Festivals and Beetles (文化祭とカブトムシ) is the sixth episode of anime Invaders of the Rokujyouma.


Kotaro asks for help from the girls to make a libretto for the work of the School Festival, because of the Drama Club, they have no idea, for it Kotaro tells them that if they help you and give you 5 points if your work is chosen will add 20 more, so all accept, and while Ruth goes to the blue Knight Yurika brings mascot vice president of the Club of the Society of Cosplay, a hercules beetle, so Kotaro and Sanae is frightened because of what happened to Ruth during the trip. Later all start their scripts and Theiamillia writes about "The Blue Knight and Princess Silver", a famous story of their planet, which is about Princess silver hair called Alaia, which is rescued by a knight in blue armor and therefore is in love with him.

Been a month history Theiamillia is chosen by the president of the Drama Club, so Kotaro and Yurika bother after Theiamillia and the president choose which act as the "Princess Alaia" but before Yurika says no wants to be the back of a horse and prefers to be a character in which his face appears, what Kotaro says to them having the right person for the role, such calls Yurika has another role, which the gives the president of the bandit appears Sakuraba A. Then Harumi, which Kotaro mentions that she is perfect for the role, so Theiamillia accepted. Already in the evening, and Kotaro appears Harumi rehearsing on the roof of the Academy, and recognizes that Harumi's feelings Alaia Princess as she passed the same with the Club Fabric Society because Kotaro helped it does not close.

Several days later Theiamillia bother because Harumi being with Kenji seemed to act as it had been mentioned Kotaro and the president, so Kotaro decides to change with Kenji's character to help Harumi with his performance, then to start Harumi and Kotaro seem understood, and Kotaro Theiamillia recognizes that increasingly resembles the "Blue Knight" in history, after Kiriha Harumi works best mentions that being next of Kotaro, by suggesting that he and Kenji switch roles, so Kenji accepts, but does not think Kotaro do well in that Theiamillia tells him that she knows better than anyone the blue Knight, which will help you look like him.